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2006 Falcon 900EXy – LX Specification



Asking Price: USD$29.9M + GST where applicable.

Total Time on Aircraft 3028.2 Hours
Total Cycles 1328
  as of 26 January 2012
  On FalconCare

ENGINES: Honeywell TFE731 60 1C – Enrolled on MSP Gold

Engine 1 Total Time 2959.7 Hours  
Engine 2 Total Time 2849.6 Hours  
Engine 3 Total Time 2959.7 Hours  

APU: Honeywell GTCP36 150F – Enrolled on MSP Gold

  Total Time 2040.8 Hours  


• First C Check completed 26 January 2012. Includes Z, 4A+, 4A, 3A+, 3A, 2A+, 2A, A+, A and Basic Inspection (next C Check January 2018)


• API Winglets fitted. Range 4750 nm. The addition of Blended Winglets to the Falcon 900 series aircraft provides a fuel burn reduction, and corresponding range increase, of 5% at Mach .80 and over 7% at LRC. Winglets provide an aircraft identical (aerodynamically, aesthetically and in performance) to a factory new 900LX.


• Honeywell Primus Epic EASY II fitted. Service Bulletin F900EX EASy II Enhanced Avionic System; includes FMS 7.1, WAAS/LPV GPS, RNP .03, TOGO Mode, Pentium M Processors and RAAS.


• Complete strip and repaint of exterior. Base Matterhorn White; Stripes FAA Blue; Emergency Markings Apollo Grey. Paint Sherwin Williams.


• Extensive interior refurbish. Including new carpet throughout; refinished veneer throughout, re-blocked & re-covered divan/credenza, all seat leather refurbished.


• Twenty nine (29) Falcon 900EX recommended or optional Service Bulletins completed. These include F900EX-259 R1 ABOC Override Control; F900EX – 301 Bleed Air Temperature Probes; F900- 306 R2 Electrical Rack PCB Protection; F900EX 318 Waste Water Drain; F900EX 329 R3 Wing - Wing Tank Modification (‘dry bay mod’); F900EX -336 Fuel LP Cross Feed; F900EX -337 APU Exhaust Improved Corrosion Protection; F900EX – 339 R1 Outboard and Inboard Flaps – Improved Corrosion Protection; F900EX 347 R1 115 Cubic Foot Oxygen Installation; F900EX 360 Addition of TCAS Upload/Download on wing.


SATCOM- Satcom Aero H+/ Swift 64 (Thrane and Thrane) with 1 additional High Speed data channel, 3 data ports and 1 router

Dual Modular Avionics Units – Honeywell Primus Epic EASy II

FMS - Triple Honeywell FMS with dual GPS

Electronic Jeppesen Charts - Honeywell EASy II

HUD - Honeywell HGS

Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) - Provisions

AutoThrottle - Triple Honeywell EASy II

Flight Deck Audio - Triple Honeywell AV900

Navigation (VHF) - Triple Honeywell NV866B

ADF - Dual Honeywell XS 857A

DME - Dual Honeywell DME

Colour Weather Radar - Honeywell Primus 880

EGPWS - Honeywell EASy II

TCAS - Honeywell TCAS 2000 (Change 7)

Radar Altimeter - Dual Honeywell AA 300

HF - Dual Collins HF9000 with Selcal

Communication Management . Honeywell EASy II (AFIS VHF and Satcom)

Micro Inertial Reference - Triple Honeywell Laseref V

Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder - Honeywell

Solid State Flight Data Recorder - Honeywell

Electronic Flight Bag - Dual CMC PilotView EFB W/FD mounts

EASy II uplink weather capability

XM Satellite Weather Installation

Secondary Flight Display - Meggitt Mk2


Cabin Management System - MH Baker Cabin Management / Entertainment / PA / Chime System

Cabin Entertainment Controls - Honeywell

Cabin Display - Collins AirShow 4000 (with audio briefings)

EASy II Flight Deck video interface (Airshow display on the MDU)

Miscellaneous Equipment/Systems

EDRA Third Crew Seat

Increased MTOW and Maximum Ramp Weight

Brake-Wheel Heating System

Emergency Locator Transmitter. Dual ELTA ADT 406 (FAA Approved)


Cockpit/Maintenance Printer

115 VAC 60HZ 1200VA Inverter with 8 power outlets

Remote Cabin Temperature Control

Teleflex recognition lights (fin logo lights)

Dual rechargeable flash lights

Telescopic tow bar

Servicing Ladder

115 Cubic Foot Oxygen Cylinder

Therapeutic Oxygen


12 Passenger Floor Plan:

Third Crew Seat certified for taxi, take - off and landing

Forward lavatory with trifold door and tilt out sink

Main Galley with cabin sliding door. RHS

Auxiliary Galley / Entertainment Centre LHS

Forward Cabin - Four (4) single seats and two (2) console tables

Mid Cabin - Two (2) sets of double seats and one (1) dining table (with extension option) on the LHS and one (1) set of low height cabinets on the RHS

Aft Cabin Divider with folding curtain

Aft Cabin Compartment - One (1) three-place berth able divan on the LHS and, one (1) console table, one (1) single seat and an aft closet on the RHS

Aft lavatory with toilet and vanity

Aft baggage compartment


Galley equipped with:

TIA Warmer Oven

TIA High Temp Oven

TIA Coffee machine with hot/cold spigot

TIA Microwave Oven

Mahogany cabinetry, cream harmony, gold polish metal finish

1 x 15” LCD monitor

1 x 20” LCD monitor

5 x Plugin receptacles

1 x 7” plugin LCD monitor

1 x 8.4 plugin LCD monitor

2 Honeywell DVD multi region players with 2 x IR remote controls

1 Honeywell Satellite radio (2 channels)

Aux Cabin audio NTCS video interface


Life Vests - Three Crew; twelve Passenger

Crew Smoke Hood x Three

Life Rafts x two 10 Man Winslow

Portable Fire Extinguishers x Three

Over Wing Life Line x One

First Aid Kit x One

Crew Smoke Goggles x Three

Crash Axe x One

Land Shark Survival Bags x Three

Portable Oxygen Cylinder - One with Two Masks

Rechargeable Flashlights x Two

Crew EROS Oxygen Masks x Three

Forward Toilet Drop Down Oxygen Masks x Two

Aft Toilet Drop Down Oxygen Masks x Two

Passenger Down Oxygen Masks x Eighteen

First Aid (Therapeutic) Oxygen Mask x One


Storage Bag (2)

Exit Hatch Locking Pin (1)

Thrust Reverser (Stowed) Pin (1)

Thrust Reverser (Stowed, Flight) Pins (2)

Stall Vane Covers (2)

Static Port (Normal) Covers (2)

Static Port (Emergency) Covers (2)

Pitot Tube Covers (3)

Temperature Probe Cover (1)

Engine Mast Inlet Cover (1)

APU Inlet Cover (1)

APU Exhaust Cover (1)

APU Starter/Generator Inlet Cover (1)

APU Starter/Generator Outlet Cover (1)

Engine Intake (Soft) Covers (2)

Engine Exhaust (Soft) Covers (3)

Engine Intake (Hard) Cover (1)

Pole . Centre Engine Cover (1)

Fuel Sump Drain Tool (1)

Hydraulic Reservoir Filling Tool (1)

Extender and infant seat belts

Authorised Independent Gulfstream Representative